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Sea Kayak Tech Tips

1)    Keep socks and base layers dry on wet trips by layering them like a sandwich between your mattress pad and sleeping bag while you sleep.  Damp stuff should be dry by morning.

2)    When paddling in windy conditions, edging the kayak will reduce its tendency to weathercock (turn into the wind) and make things much easier for you.  To do this: lift your downwind knee slightly to trim the kayak slightly towards the wind.  Maintain this edge as you paddle along and the kayak will track much straighter (no rudder needed!).

3)    Landing a loaded kayak smoothly in surf shouldn’t require prayers or luck.  As you approach the surf zone, look behind you for incoming waves.  As each wave approaches, back-paddle aggressively to meet it.  When the wave passes underneath your hip, start paddling forward until the next wave approaches.  Repeat this process until you find yourself on the beach, upright and smiling.

4)    Marine reflective tape is a great way to make your kayak and your paddle more visible on the water.  A strip along the edge of each paddle blade, and short strips on either side of the bow and stern of your boat make a huge difference.


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