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Kelty Eagle Backpack, Coyote Brown, with lid fully packed and removable side pocket attached

For extended, unsupported missions, the Eagle is the perfect solution. A large volume, cold-weather pack with a removable lid that converts to a fanny pack and multiple pockets for organization, the fully-featured Eagle has everything you’ll need, including supportive suspension, removable side pockets, and radio holder.

Pack Instructions

Built to Military Specifications


Packbag Features:
  • Compatible with Kelty satellite Radio Holder and Battery Holder (sold separately)
  • Top-load and front-panel access
  • Lid converts into fanny pack or shoulder-strap pack organizer
  • Lid has two U-shaped zippers and one map pocket
  • Internal divider unzips into one main compartment
  • Key clip
  • Zippered stash pocket inside lid
  • Large zippered mesh pocket on the bottom side of lid
  • Secondary low-profile hood stows in storm collar pocket
  • Dual hydration ports and reservoir sleeves for hydration bladders
  • Daisy-chain loops
  • MOLLE along sides
  • Two large front pockets
  • Two large removable side pockets
  • Sleeping bag compartment with zippered divider
  • Sleeping pad compression straps
  • Zippered internal mesh retaining wall keeps gear from spilling out
  • Three internal zippered mesh pockets
  • Double haul loops on backpanel
  • Side compression straps
  • Mesh water-bottle pockets
  • Spindrift collars
  • Rain/sand pack cover stows away in zippered pocket
  • Removable pack cover is two tone
  • Coyote Brown pack has desert tan and white raincover
  • Desert Tan pack has desert tan and white raincover
Suspension Features:
  • Adjustable suspension
  • Aluminum stays
  • HDPE frame sheet
  • Breathable backpanel with Spacermesh
  • Padded backpanel
  • Two-layer padded waistbelt
  • Padded shoulder straps
  • Load-lifter straps
  • Adjustable sternum strap
  • Quick-release shoulder straps
  • Belt stabilizers
  • Scherer Cinch (US Pat #5,465,886) waistbelt adjustment
  • Levitator™ belt supports


  • Length: 44 in / 112 cm
  • Width: 29 in / 74 cm
  • Height: 17.5 in / 44 cm

Volume: 7850 in3 / 128.7 L

  •     6285 in3 / 103.0 L using low-profile hood and no side pockets

Weight: 11 lb 2 oz / 5.0 kg

  •     9 lb 4 oz / 4.0 kg using low-profile hood and no side pockets
Torso Fit Range:
  • 16 – 22 in / 41 – 56 cm


Body Fabric:
500D nylon, 1000D nylon

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Gender: Unisex
Intended Use: Hunting
Volume: 60L+
Adjustable Torso: Yes
  • Features

  • Specifications

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  1. Great product

    You need this backpack! If you camp/hike this is for you! on Jul 20th 2016

  2. Customer Review

    This is a very nice and versatile pack. I am a big guy and unfortunately the gear I use is slightly larger than what a typical hiker may have. This pack fits all of my gear I need and still has plenty of room left over. This pack has a ton of pockets which is great if you like to organize everything like myself. Another great feature is the detachable side pockets. I use them for cooking supplies and other camp essentials that I can detach easily and take else where without taking the whole pack or emptying the whole pack to get to one item. The pack is also very comfortable when it comes to carrying heavy loads. But, if you are carrying 70+ loads in any pack it will not be very comfortable, if you are military personnel then I can understand the need for that much equipment, but for typical civilian use you shouldn't be packing loads that heavy, because more than likely you don't need that much gear. This pack is durable contrary to what others will say. You just have to take care of your gear plain and simple if you are dragging it through the woods or throwing it in the back of a truck then it will get damaged along with any other item you do this to. If you take care of your gear it will take care of you. If you are like me and like to have a pack that is very versatile, comfortable, and has a lot of room then you should buy this pack. Just because it is 128 liters does not mean you need to fill it, but it is definitely nice to have that much room just in case. Great pack, Buy It on Dec 7th 2015

  3. Customer Review

    As an infantry soldier, I have used this pack in Afghanistan on two deployments. As other users have said, the pack does not handle loads over 70 or 80 pounds well. While a civilian hiker will probably never go over that, a 96 hour air assault with a PRC-117F plus batters, various ammo, food, water and snivel gear you find yourself approaching that 90 lb mark. The frame just isn't suited frame that weight. I routinely abuse my gear (dragging a pack off the ramp of a chinook or a rucksack flop in a rocky wadi) and the lightweight fabric tends to rip easily. I give it four stars because the ergonomics are great, and it will carry a 60 pound load very comfortably. Its off by just a couple marks on being a rugged military pack designed for combat operations. on Oct 25th 2012

  4. Customer Review

    I am a contractor working in Afghanistan. I spend a lot of time bouncing from COP to COP and spend a lot of time away from my base camp. I needed a pack that would carry enough gear to last at least a month. I looked at several packs and decided on this one. Man, am I ever happy I did. This pack has the space to house way more than a months worth of clothing, plus bedding. I have a Kifaru Woobie and a Marmot sleeping bag. Both easily fit along with an additional bivy sack inside the sleeping bag compartment in the lower portion of the bag. The outer pockets house all of my shower gear, PT clothing, and cold weather gear so that it's all readily accessible. THe only CON about this bag that I have is that the removable "fanny pack" that serves as a top is that it's too tall and doesn't cover the entire opening of the pack when it's filled to the max. I had stored underwear on one side and socks on the other along with a few electronic devices that I needed to get to quickly. With all that in the two pockets up top, I would hit myself in the head when doing the "bouncing shoulder strap tightening move". I had a handheld GPS device along with a Pelican 1020 case with two external hard drives. So the weight was a little much. Overall, I think my pack, when loaded down, weighed in at 65 pounds. The frame held up like a champ, even when the pack was tied to side of an MRAP and driven 40km over some not-so-smooth roads. Best of the best. I have had many offers for the pack already but absolutely will not sell it! on Nov 27th 2011

  5. Customer Review

    I bought this pack a few weeks ago, new, after months of online research. I was looking for an earthy toned (not camo), heartily built backpack capable of loading at least 10 days worth of gear, along with some other heavy metal items. Its going to be a few weeks before I can put some miles under it to feel out the performance (really looking forward to the trip). I had also just picked up a lightly used Blackhawk ALICE pack for my teenage son, who will be making the hike, alongside me. Unfortunately, while we were packing the two of them, I have already become a bit disappointed with the Kelty's durability. Nothing has broken (yet) but what one of the other reviewers had mentioned seems to be true. This is a civilian bag-makers attempt at a military style bag, rather than a military bag made by a civilian bag maker. The zippers scare me. There is a massive difference between the Kelty and the Blackhawk, and despite the huge cubic inch real estate that the Kelty claims, much of that is based on the attached pouches (which rely HEAVILY on the proper function of those zippers). I guess my worry is that if the zipper fails on one of these pouches, a huge chunk of available space will suddenly become the backpack equivalent of a blown out plastic grocery bag in the middle of a parking lot. I wish I could comment directly on the performance in the field, but like I had mentioned, I won't have it out for a few more weeks. From my first impression of the comfort-build, it is easy to see that Kelty poured on all of its R&D from decades of backpacking. I have a great deal of faith in the harness set-up doing its job and making 80 pounds into a functional load. I will comment further once I have experienced it in the field. on Feb 25th 2011

  6. Customer Review

    This is a great pack. I think the price is a little high as advertised here but I was able to pick it up for significantly less so I can't complain very much. Support is good, pockets are great. The front access to the main compartment is a real big plus. That means there's no need to unpack everything from the top of the pack to access gear packed lower down, at least if you're planning on replacing it before heading out again, otherwise that gear is going to shift something wicked. I use this pack for search and rescue work, with a load no more than 60 pounds. I don't notice very much flexing or anything else that the previous reviewer found with the much heavier loads. Having the bendable stays I'd have to agree that loading up any bendable stays are going to cause issues if the load is too much. When I was in the army my pack never totaled more than around 70 pounds if I could help it. For the average grunt this should be fine. For civilian users carrying mostly a lot of lighter bulkier things such as clothing you'll have no troubles what so ever. The length of the pack gives you plenty of room for the annoying things that like to poke out the top. I'd give it 4.5 stars if I could, but I don't feel bad giving it 5. If I could change anything I would add another row of MOLLE straps under the side pouches to give more freedom when they are removed. on Jan 24th 2011

  7. Customer Review

    My review of this pack is slightly unfair as that I used it during sniper school, which required loads that this pack cannot handle with the currant frame/supports. If you use this pack with normal back packing gear with loads not exceeding say....80 pounds it should be a great pack for you but if your going to have military equipment and or school loads IE rifle, radios 5days water, 5 days batteries, Pig egg(Sand bag,45lbs plate, dumbbell, or cement block) totaling any thing over 90lbs or like I was carrying 130 lbs, it will NOT have the support necessary. PRO: Lots of pockets everywhere are great for keeping mission essential gear organized and easy to get to. The top pouch that turns in to a fanny pack is excellent for keeping essential gear with you while scouting ahead. The low profile top and side cinches are excellent for lighter smaller loads. Mesh wall is great for locating and keeping every thing in place rather than blindly grabbing in to bag. Radio pouch works well with radio (20 lbs) only CON: Needs stiffer support in frame. ( I don’t know if there is something that you can still bent to your back and then have it be stiff in the pack but if any one can figure it out it should be Kelty.) The L shaped support springs have a thin cloth that rubbed through and then the spring broke. I had several fastex break in the field and several more break while in custody of the airline. Most fastex ends are sewn in so you can not repair broken fastex in the field. The radio pouch dose not hold water blaters or sand bags. The pack could use hooks or loops in side the pockets and main compartment for keeping water or heavier loads where they need to be. Pack is long and will bend and flop around with heavy loads and or misplaced weight. Could possibly use wider shoulder straps. I gave this pack 3 stars. My experience with it was 1 maybe 2 at best but growing up back packing I know with a heavy civilian load or light military load (under 80 lbs) it will be a good pack. Not sure if its worth the $400 on Sep 18th 2010

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