DriDown FAQ

What is DriDown™ and how does it work?

DriDown™ is natural down insulation treated with a molecular level polymer, creating a hydrophobic finish on individual down plumes. The result: DriDown™ stays dry longer, lofts better, and dries faster than untreated down.

Untreated down plumes collapse when wet, reducing loft and insulating efficiency. DriDown’s™ water resistance far exceeds that of untreated down, staying dry 10-times longer in the presence of natural body moisture, humidity, rain, and snow to offer superior loft and thermal efficiency in any environmental situation.

Is DriDown™ waterproof?

DriDown™ is highly water resistant, not waterproof. It will eventually get wet, but outperforms untreated down by staying dry 10-times longer in the presence of moisture and by drying 33% faster.

What are the advantages of DriDown™?

As untreated down gets wet, it loses loft and therefore loses its ability to insulate. DriDown™ helps eliminate this problem.

  • DriDown™ stays dry 10-times longer than untreated down.
  • DriDown™ retains 170% more loft than untreated down when exposed to moisture and humidity.
  • DriDown™ dries 33% faster than untreated down.
  • Third-party testing conducted by California Down and Feather Testing Laboratory

Where did the inspiration come from?

DriDown™ was inspired by the need for higher performance down. For its weight, down is indisputably the best performing insulation available… lighter, warmer, more compressible, and more durable than any synthetic insulations. Its only downside is a loss of thermal efficiency as it becomes wet. DriDown™ advances the benefits of untreated down in any environmental situation, enhancing performance to allow you to stay warmer, dryer, and more comfortable.

What is the down treated with?

DriDown™ uses a molecular level polymer applied during the down finishing process to create a hydrophobic finish on individual down plumes. This polymer finish maintains down integrity without adding additional discernable weight.

How do the shell and liner fabrics affect performance?

The shell and liner fabrics are the same used in standard down jackets and sleeping bags of similar price and market position. They are not integral to the performance of DriDown™.

Does DriDown™ affect thermal efficiency?

Yes. When comparing treated and untreated down with the same fill rating, DriDown™ resists moisture far better than untreated down so even low levels of environmental humidity will not diminish loft. DriDown’s™ enhanced thermal efficiency is even more obvious in damp or humid environments.

DriDown’s™ benefits are also obvious in the coldest and driest climates. Your body naturally gives off moisture even if you’re not actively sweating, and this moisture can drastically affect the loft and performance of untreated down. Start to sweat and performance is further diminished. DriDown’s™ hydrophobic finish prevents sweat and body moisture from negatively impacting loft and thermal efficiency, keeping you warmer throughout the day or night.

Will you notice an advantage right away? Is performance enhanced in ‘regular’ environmental conditions?

Yes. Apparel and sleeping bags insulated with DriDown™ will perform better right away. Even small amounts of sweat or humidity will begin to diminish the performance of untreated down. DriDown™ will keep even the smallest amount of moisture from negatively impacting down performance.

Can you use this technology on synthetic insulations?

There is no need. Synthetic insulations are made with petroleum products and are naturally hydrophobic.

What is the weight difference over untreated down?

The difference is so minimal that we can’t measure it with standard equipment, meaning you will never notice the extra weight.

Can I have an allergic reaction to DriDown™?

The polymer used to create DriDown™ is hypoallergenic, so unless you have a pre-existing allergy to down, you will not be allergic to DriDown™.

What is the trade-off when choosing DriDown™ over untreated down? Are there any disadvantages?

DriDown™ does not add any discernable weight nor does it negatively impact down loft. Additional costs associated with DriDown™ products are negligible. All you will notice is the enhanced performance DriDown™ provides.

Does the DriDown™ treatment process damage the down, make it less durable, or shorten its lifespan?

Down is a very resilient material and the hydrophobic polymer used in DriDown™ does not diminish the durability or lifespan of down treated with it.

How long does DriDown™ last? Does it wash out?

After dozens of cycles in a commercial washer with warm water and detergent, we have not seen any decline in DriDown’s™ performance. Theoretically the treatment could wash out, but it would take more washings than any sleeping bag or jacket would likely receive during its lifespan.