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About The Happy Camper Club:

We’re campers, hikers, thrill-seekers & chill-seekers, star-gazers & sunrise chasers. We’re definitely into pancakes, piña coladas, and getting caught in the rain. Our products are built for adventure, and we're looking for Happy Campers like yourself who share our passion for fun and excitement to spread the Kelty "Built For Play" mantra while out on their own adventures!

What To Be Ready For:

As a member of the Kelty Happy Camper Club, you'll be an extension of our "Built For Play" philosophy, using our gear to explore the great outdoors and inspire others to do the same. You'll get exclusive access to our latest products, provide feedback on new designs, and join in on community events and challenges. We'll also hook you up with personal discount codes as well as friends and family discount codes so you can share the love.

Who We Want:

We want Happy Camper Club members who embody the "Built For Play" spirit in everything they do. Whether you're an avid backpacker, camper, or just generally an outdoor guru, we want you to share your adventures with the world. As part of the Kelty Happy Camper Club, you'll have the chance to earn rewards and exclusive discounts as you complete challenges and campaigns throughout the year. As a thank you for joining the Kelty Happy Camper Club you will also receive a one-time use 15% off discount code. Each quarter we'll have different challenges, campaigns, and other ways for you to earn exclusive Kelty outdoor gear. With each campaign or action you complete, you'll earn points toward specific program milestones.

Happy Camper Club Benefits:

  • Personal discount code for 15% off all Kelty outdoor gear
  • Access to quarterly campaigns with gifted products
  • Exclusive pro codes and product discounts
  • First look at new products and collaborations
  • Opportunities to earn rewards and additional product throughout the year

Must Haves:

  • You are an existing Kelty customer (and STOKED about our gear)
  • You embody the Built For Play philosophy in your daily life
  • You have an active social media presence, with an engaged and authentic audience.

Incentives & Milestones:

  • Earn 300 points for 20% off Kelty gear
  • Earn 600 points for 30% off Kelty gear
  • Earn 900 points for 40% off Kelty gear
  • Earn 1200 points for a $250 Kelty gear gift card

So c'mon, let's take this outside and build some memories together as part of the Kelty Happy Camper Club!

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