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Keep tradition alive with excellent load carry, ventilation, and plenty of places to tie down your gear. Super efficient at carrying heavy loads, the external frame Trekker 65 is a backcountry workhorse.


  • Hydration compatible
  • Reservoir sleeve
  • Top loading
  • Hold-open bar
  • Spindrift collar
  • Larger front pocket
  • Zippered side pockets
  • Lash tabs
  • Key fob
  • Adjustable suspension
  • External frame
  • Dual density foam hip belt
  • Padded shoulder straps
  • Load lifter straps
  • Belt stabilizer straps
  • Sternum strap
  • Ice axe loop 
  • Daisy chain
  • Sleeping bag compartment


  • Volume: 3950 in3 / 65 L
  • Frame Type:  External
  • Weight:  5 lbs 5 oz / 2.4 kg
  • Torso Fit Range:  16 - 22 in / 41 - 56 cm
  • Dimensions: 29 x 22.5 x 13 in / 74 x 57 x 33 cm


Body Fabric: 
600D Polyester

Reinforcement Fabric: 
600D Polyester Small Ripstop

Frame Material: 

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Gender: Unisex
Volume: 50L+
Austin Kayak:
Mountain Sports:
Al's Sporting Goods:
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  1. Not really that red

    Just received my new Kelty Trekker 65. I love it! I will say; however, it really isn’t that red. It’s more of a maroon/red. Now the pack Kelty made in the 70’s … that was red. on Mar 23rd 2018

  2. Red is the Original Color! Had one in the 70s!

    My first Kelty took me thru the Smoky mountains and the Pacific Northwest. Yes it was Red! After that my nephew used it his entire time in scouts including Philmont! Heck my brother still has the at his house and it is still in good shape! I love the red color and would happily buy another one! on Mar 22nd 2018

  3. Red Rules!!

    Kelty has a long, rich history with red packs. When I bought my first Kelty (still own it), circa 1974, it came in green and red. I bought the green, but I’ve been waiting for them to bring back a red color. I’m all in for this one! on Mar 3rd 2018

  4. Other Colors

    I like an external frame pack, and plan on buying this one, which is the best external frame on the market. But why not make the pack in a few colors? It shouldn't add much if any cost to offer the product in 2 or 3 colors. It would probably even increase sales to people that have strong preferences or aversions. This pack in green, black, or dark blue would probably sell well.
    on May 31st 2017

  5. Over 3000 hiking miles!!!!!

    Purchased in '13 after my old F&S died. Hiked from Daleville VA to Katahdin and returned the next two years to hike over another thousand miles. Many training and long weekend trips. Fell in '14 and broke lower section of frame. Replaced by Kelty at no charge, even for shipping. This year I requested new waist belt and shoulder straps as the original ones had lost their softness. I have abused this pack, loading to 52 lbs for the long hike through the White mountains. Many times loaded to 40+. This !at seem a lot, but I go !any days without a town stop. This is not a fancy ultralight pack, it is a workhorse and the warranty service is awesome. Loading up in a few days to do a 100 mile vacation trip. Thanks Kelty as I may never have to buy another pack. on May 19th 2017

  6. Are you people serious???

    Kelty produces quality products. I have been looking for an external backpack for a few years (since my last one rusted out from use). I was in the scouts and I had a grey pack. There were orange packs, bright green, yellow, blue, etc. My scout leader told me the next time I bought a pack to get a brightly colored pack. He said there were a few reasons for this (some of which have been covered by others on this posting): 1 - bright colors are usually not shot at by hunters. That's why hunters wear bright orange vests and caps. 2 - you can can use a brightly colored pack to signal a rescue party (if you find yourself in a bad situation). 3 - Earth tones and camo make you blend in to the surroundings. If you are hiking in Alaska, Canada, Maine, Utah, etc - this is not something you necessarily want to do. You want that bear with its cub to see you coming a mile off. Most animals will bug out if they see humans coming. Most animals will also bug out if they see a huge animal coming toward them colored red (red usually means poison in the natural world and most animals avoid it).

    This is a trekker. Also known as a hiking/backpacking pack. It is designed specifically for that purpose. There are great bug out bags on the market. ALICE bags are one of them. This isn't a bug out bag. Also the scouts who don't want to wear them because they aren't earth tones really need to understand the points listed above. They could save their life some day. Especially if someone out there is lining up a buck with a 30 .06 and misses and you are standing in the line of fire behind it (looking all cool in your earth tones and newly red shirt - yes I know scout shirts aren't red. that's the point).

    I gave it four stars because I am too tall for the M/L and cannot find an XL frame for a Kelty pack. It completely bums me out because these are a fantastic product. Color included.
    on May 16th 2017

  7. Phenomenal Pack

    Read all the reviews here and all have valid points.

    First you need to consider what you need this pack for - if it is for a hiking/camping/scouting activity, then RED (or any other non-camo color) is the way to go - this is Emergency 101: stand out. If you want it for hunting - then that's a different story...

    Space is amazing - if you're a proficient packer, you can get all your stuff on the outside pockets and tie your tent outside which will leave the main pack compartment for your food and clothing - that's a TON of space. It is heavier than the Deuters, Gregorys and Ospreys, yes, but it is also a lot more rugged and able to carry load. Feels a lot lighter than it looks and sits very nice on your back. This is really a workhorse!

    Ventilation? unparalleled as your bag will not touch your back - so lots of air flowing. No internal frame will match the airflow this design has - not a single one out there

    Sizing - it can expand to different torso measures (not only height but width) and it has telescoping frame so you can get more room to attach things if needed or make it less bulky. I get a much better fit with this type of bag than with an internal frame.

    Downsides - I like how most internals have belt compartments - this one does not. It's just a simple belt around your waist. Also not very bladder friendly - if that's a deal breaker for you. I am not personally a fan of plastic bladders. I like to use bottles OR an external dromedary bag - much more convenient to refill and easy to load/carry on the upper side compartment.

    I'm a scout leader and I use this once a month on outdoor adventures - strong, smart, well-built pack and a lot better for my specific needs than an internal frame.
    on May 9th 2017

  8. Green Please!

    I would love to buy this backpack, but I guess I'll have to wait (hopefully) for a more suitable color. -_- on May 7th 2017

  9. Great lightweight pack

    If internals don't work for you, then this is a great pack. Lightweight, all the necessary features, tough, good size. Had to upgrade a 20-yr-old pack and got this one a few years back. Really like it. As for all the color nonsense, must be a lot of noobs posting here. Looking like a tree or a deer in the back country is not generally a good thing. on Apr 23rd 2017

  10. Please stop with the color drama

    I don't understand why all these people are whining about the color. The pack is behind you why does it matter if it's red or green? I do a lot of hiking in national forest land year round and really enjoy not being shot by the good ol boys hunting in the area (they're not always sober either), why you would want to be basically wearing camo while hiking is beyond me. When I'm doing multi-days that require heavy gear, this is my go to pack. External frames just carry the heavy loads better than the internal framed packs and are so much more versatile. on Apr 20th 2017

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